It’s been a while (over a couple of years) since I have looked at the Parallax Scroll plugin due to various reasons; however I have been inundated with users whom wish further development on the project for feature/support reasons. This is just a quick update for the future of the project; a roadmap if you will… 

Current State

As it stands, Parallax Scroll is still one of the most popular plugins for adding a parallax effect onto a WordPress site. Developers have integrated it into themes, plugins and it has been featured many, many times in web publications and review articles. I still receive success stories from using the plugin weekly, which is reassuring that the plugin still has a place, and is still required.

The current version is still very much functional, and still achieves the original goals set out (to achieve a parallax effect with a very easy to use plugin).

Current Issues

Many of the issues users experience are down to the theme they are using. The plugin uses the WordPress standard layout for themes, and as such expects containers to be in the correct order. Some themes bend the rules a little bit, and to try and add greater flexibility, they run outside the standard layout; this is where the majority of issues are found when the plugin just doesn’t work or look right.

To check for this case; simply change your theme to the standard theme and see if it works. If its still doesn’t work try disabling other plugins; there are very few instances of plugins clashing with Parallax Scroll, but its no way impossible that another plugin may be causing the issue.

In these instances its very difficult to target the plugin for a specific theme. The plugin is designed with WordPress standards in mind, and I just haven’t got the time to put subjective code in to make it work for every single theme out there. That being said, if there are glaring errors, or simple fixes that can be made to improve the versatility of the plugin, these will be looked at.

Due to the age of the plugin, it is also likely that there may be CSS or code errors. Web standards do not stand still, and in the 2 years the plugin has been dormant, I am pretty sure that some of the code may need to be brought up to modern ways. This will be a priority going forward.

The Future

  • Publish on BitBucket
    I have received quite a few emails where users have extended the functionality of the plugin to suite there needs; some of these features were actually quite useful and were certainly cases I had not though of previously. To this end; I want to open up the development of the plugin to the public, so everyone can have there own input to the development.
  • Resolve Code errors
    Resolve any CSS or code errors that may have surfaced
  • Update to latest Parallax.js
    Update the parallax.js engine to the latest version; and implement any new features that may be available
  • Listen to feedback
    Check what you actually want/need and implement!

As a foot note; I get inundated with correspondents regarding the plugin; however please remember I do not get any compensation for the time I use to develop the plugin, and I have very little time to spare!

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  • Chris says:

    HI It seems the latest update of Elementor have disfunct your fine plugin. At least on my pages no parallax scroll is working anymore after the update.

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