So I finally got around to playing and completing Watchdogs 2.


Watchdogs 2

Watchdogs 2

I’ll keep it short and sweet; just like the game! The game mechanics is much, much better than the original game, and it was a lot more enjoyable to play; however the story

line was not so good. I felt like I had only just gotten into the game, starting to enjoy it; when a message pops up on the screen saying this is the final mission! What!?


The game is beautiful; although not a 1:1 scale of San Francisco, all the landmarks you’d expect are there. Now I can’t explain why, when you have a place on your map like Alcatraz, you only place one measly mission there, that is actually just a by-product from a story line! There’s nothing on the golden gate bridge (excluding side missions), or the pier. At the end I was quite bemused at how little they had taken advantage of the great environment they had to play with.


So to summarise, beautiful game, fantastic map, great mechanics; but an awful and frustratingly short story. It is worth a look at, no doubt; but I wouldn’t pay big bucks as you won’t get the return.


As a side note; I’m not really an online gamer, so for all I know, the online modes may make up for the lack of story (I doubt it). One thing I would say is that every now and then; when your working on a task, you will randomly be pulled into a online mode with some other guy running around trying to hack you. Whilst some may like this; I found it very annoying.

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