TimeWatcher for WindowsPhone is a simple and free application that lets you keep track of time. 

TimeWatcher for WindowsPhone is the successor of the TimeWatcher application for WindowsMobile. TimeWatcher is our first app to get published on the WindowsPhone platform. TimeWatcher for WindowsPhone is FREE and available to download now from the Windows Store.

Release Date: 4th March 2011


The popular TimeWatcher WindowsMobile App has finally arrived for WindowsPhone! TimeWatcher adds time related functions to WindowsPhone.

The app includes up to five countdown timers. Times can be entered through a finger friendly interface where you can specify days, hours, minutes or seconds; alternativly you can specify a date and/or a time and the countdown time is automatically worked out. It’s perfect whether you need to time you’re cooking or sporting activities.

The phone can be locked and it will continue timing, or you have an option to keep the screen on (Please note however; due to WindowsPhone7 multitasking limitations, closing the app will cause the timer to stop). When the time elapses the phone will alarm and notify you.

The stopwatch can be used at the same time or separately. It shows hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds and enables you to have unlimited laps with split and total times displayed. As with the timer, the stopwatch will continue working under a locked screen.

Support for up to 5 countdown timers
Time entry via a date/time selection, or by entry of hours/minutes/seconds
Alarm on timer completion
Stopwatch that can be used separately or at the same time
Unlimited lap times that include splits
Device can be locked whilst still timing
Option to keep the screen on at all times whilst timing