Route Tracker is a GPS logging app for the Windows Mobile platform. Route Tracker was our most successful app; bringing features to the Windows Mobile platform that was not previously available. Unfortunately due to the demise of the Windows Mobile platform (now superseded by Windows Phone) Route Tracker is no longer available nor supported. The app binary is available on request.

Released: 11th July 2010

Turn your device into a GPS logging device. Using your GPS signal Route Tracker will display in real time your speed, distance, altitude climb and tracking time. When you have finished tracking a summary of your route is generated and you have the option to save the route to your device for viewing statistics later on, and/or exporting to an KML file for importing into a third party application such as Google Maps.
There are numerous settings you can alter to adjust Route Tracker to fit your needs whether it be sporting activities or driving journeys.
This app does not require you to sign up to any websites to use, all data and results are saved directly to your device.


  • Display real time data whilst logging.
  • Alter numerous settings including units, interval time and backlight settings.
  • Save and view route statistics to the device.
  • Export route data in KML format for use in programs such as Google Maps.
  • Track anything from sporting activities to driving journeys.
  • Pause tracking and resume at a later time.
  • Post route data to your Facebook wall!
  • Display your exact location on a map with Find Me!
  • Statistical graphs showing the trends of your last 10 results.
  • Export to .CSV text file, ideal for importing into excel or database.