NowAbout is a multi-platform mobile application that serves unique and real-time adverts, notifications and vouchers for the specific area that you are in.

The project was undertaken for Now Mobile Solutions a sub division of Automated Control Solutions. The code was originally outsourced, but as the app got nearer to launch, and more functions were required the code was taken over by myself. I streamlined and cleaned up the existing code whilst adding new features and improving user interfaces for both IOS and Android versions.


NowAbout is a mobile app and website developed to allow local Businesses, Groups, Clubs, Charities and any other kind of organisation to reach users wherever they are.
Fed up with registering for Deal and Voucher apps, only to find that they are only offering the same offers and then bombarding you with spam e-mails?
If so, this is the app for you. There is no sign in, no registration, no voucher redeeming, just good old fashioned promotions from local organisations around your phone location, or in the venue of your choice wanting to gain your attention.
Many organisations, particularly the smaller ones are already offering superb offers, products and services but don’t have the marketing budgets to make people aware of them. The NowAbout service resolves this issue.
The organisations using this service are free to inform you of whatever Deal, Offer, Event or Promotion of any kind that they think may be of interest in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year.
This app is designed to inform the user of everything that is going on around them Now!
So whatever you’re looking for, NowAbout provides an easy to use, intuitive interface that lets you quickly find what you want, and gives you directions to get there.