Bitmap font map

Bitmap fonts in Corona SDK

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Using your own, custom fonts in games and apps is essential to create the right GUI. Sometimes this can be done with a standard font asset drawn natively; however this doesn’t always provide you with enough artistic licence to create what you really need, and in some cases, ie Windows Phone, using native fonts has a huge impact on performance. There is a solution. Bitmap fonts. Although the idea of bitmaps fonts isn’t new, in fact its very old; using them in you Corona projects can typically be a pain. Many years ago, someone wrote bmf.lua, which worked a treat to draw your bitmap fonts onto your scene, however it had a few shortfalls. Corona SDK then released graphics 2.0, which broke bmf.lua completely.

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Show Recent Blog Posts

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When using WordPress as your CMS of choice, there often becomes a need to display a list of recent blog posts on a non-blog page (such as a static homepage). The recent blog posts list is useful as it enable users to get a snapshot of what is going on in your blog, without actually having to visit the page.

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Authenticating Saved Data in Apps

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Cheating is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for developers that arent authenticating their saved data. You only have to look at the leader boards for the ‘Flappy Bird’ game and you will find hundreds of users on 999999. It’s near impossible to actually achieve that in the game, but users can easily access the files used to save this data and modify it to meet their needs.
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InTouch Word Wrap Function

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With this code you can create multiple lines of text in InTouch using one input string.
The code is defined as a quick function, and can be called from within a code block, or on an animation event.
Simply pass in the text string to split, the number of characters per line, and which line you want to return.
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